LLC LED Street lights

Our LED street lights are built off a common modular platform.

The LED light modules and the LED power supply modules are standardized, which enable flexible combinations as well as easy installation and maintenance. The luminaires are designed with an optimized cooling system and run off 220V AC so no ballasts are required.

These LED luminaires are ideal replacements for existing metal halide and high pressure sodium road lighting.

Our luminaires are made with the highest quality components and are powered by a Philips LED driver with CREE/Phillips LEDs and MOLEX terminal blocks and are IP 67 rated.

Product list of LLC series street lights

Product ImageProduct IDRated Power ConsumptionInput VoltageExternal DimensionsLumen outputReplaces traditional bulb of:
LLC -30W-LED-S01830W120-277V~ 50/60HzL441 x W334 x H147 (max)3200150W
LLC -60W-LED-S03660W120-277V~ 50/60HzL501 x W334 x H147 (max)6400200W
LLC - 95W-LED-S05495W120-277V~ 50/60HzL561 x W334 x H147 (max)9600250W
LLC - 125W-LED-S072125W120-277V~ 50/60HzL621 x W334 x H147 (max)12800325W
LLC - 150W-LED-S090150W120-277V~ 50/60HzL681 x W334 x H147 (max)16000400W
LLC - 185W-LED-S108185W120-277V~ 50/60HzL741 x W334 x H147 (max)19200525W
LLC - 210W-LED-S126210W120-277V~ 50/60HzL801 x W334 x H147 (max)22400650W
LLC - 250W-LED-S144250W120-277V~ 50/60HzL861 x W334 x H147 (max)25600775W
LLC - 275W-LED-S162275W120-277V~ 50/60HzL921 x W334 x H147 (max)28800900W
LLC - 305W-LED-S180305W120-277V~ 50/60HzL981 x W334 x H147 (max)320001000w