LED Canopy, high bays and flood lights

Our canopy, high bay and flood lights are built off a common modular platform and can be modified at no extra cost to be recessed, surface-mounted or stand-mounted.

These LED luminaires are ideal replacements for existing metal halide and high pressure sodium petrol station, factory, stadium and general industrial flood lighting.

We will design and fabricate each housing to fit into your existing mountings or canopy recesses at no additional cost, making retrofitting quick and simple for your electrician.

Recessed configuration
Surface-mounted configuration
Stand-mounted configuration

About LLC series of canopy, high bay and flood lights

Our LED luminaires have an innovative modular structure. The LED light modules and the LED power supply modules are standardized, which enable flexible combinations as well as easy installation and maintenance. The luminaires are designed with an optimized cooling system and run off 220V AC so no ballasts are required.

Our luminaires are made with the highest quality components and are powered by a Philips LED driver with CREE/Phillips LEDs and MOLEX terminal blocks and are IP 67 rated.

Product list of LLC series canopy, high bay and flood lights

Product ImageProduct IDRated Power ConsumptionInput VoltageExternal DimensionsLumen outputReplaces traditional bulb of:
LLC -30W-LED-C01830W120-277V~ 50/60HzL224 x W372 x H803200150W
LLC -60W-LED-C03660W120-277V~ 50/60HzL282 x W372 x H806400200W
LLC - 95W-LED-C05495W120-277V~ 50/60HzL340 x W372 x H809600250W
LLC - 125W-LED-C072125W120-277V~ 50/60HzL398 x W372 x H8012800325W
LLC - 150W-LED-C090150W120-277V~ 50/60HzL456 x W372 x H8016000400W
LLC - 185W-LED-C108185W120-277V~ 50/60HzL572 x W372 x H8019200525W
LLC - 210W-LED-C126210W120-277V~ 50/60HzL630 x W372 x H8022400650W
LLC - 250W-LED-C144250W120-277V~ 50/60HzL688 x W372 x H8025600775W
LLC - 275W-LED-C162275W120-277V~ 50/60HzL746 x W372 x H8028800900W
LLC - 305W-LED-C180305W120-277V~ 50/60HzL804 x W372 x H80320001000w